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Membership Services 

The current services that the Inuvik Native Band is willing and able to provide for our membership as follows:

  • Status Cards

  • Registration Services

  • Hunting and Fishing Support

  • Emergency Financial Assistance 

    • Temporarily Unavailable

$200 per request for: Temporarily unavailable 

  • Emergency Medical Travel (Supporting Documents Required) ​

  • Fire Emergency

  • Funeral Assistance​

  • Group Activity Support (Fundraising Assistance Support) 

  • Groups, as well as individuals may apply for funding assistance to attend Regional, Territorial, or National events. Theses Applications are submitted directly to Chief & Council for Consideration and Approval/Denial, and we ask for a minimum two-week Submission for consideration. ​


*Please note* 

It is a requirement, if Funding support is approved and provided, that recipient(s) are expected to devote some volunteer hours to the Inuvik Native Band to assist with Projects, Fundraising and Elder/community support on a case by case basis.

John Jerome  (2).jpg

John Jerome Skinning Caribou for INB in 2017

members visiting the office.jpg

John & Winston Stopping by for Early Morning Coffee 

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