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Helping The Community

Elliot Colin

Helping Others To Lead Youth Away from a life style imposed by years of discrimination and marginalization 

Elliot Colin

  The Youth Committee was Established in November of 2018 to provide opportunities for all youth to gain life skills, respect, and playing a part in making the Youth standard of living in Inuvik meet Youth's Needs.

  • Inuvik Native Band Youth Committee Mission Statement:

    Three Main Priorities

  • Our three main priorities that focus on youth are Alcohol/Drug abuse, Bullying, and Cultural Revitalization.

  • Our main goal is to create a foundation which will invigorate youth and elders to re-develop the Gwich’in way of life

  • The Youth Committee Strongly believes in making community of Inuvik Safe, Secure, Active and a Fun Community for Youth.

  • To do so we work extensively to the best of our abilities. By doing so we've hosted Soup Kitchens, Movie Nights, Board Game Nights, And Various other Events for Youth.

  • We strive to break Social Economic Barriers between all Youth to create a more united Youth Society by Breaking Barriers among-st youth we will see more youth come together to meet our goal 

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